AIM has its own Training cum Production center Moram, located near Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Here SC/ST women artisans work regularly in creating various designed craft products. AIM is working with more than 2000 artisans under Livelihood Training for the Artisans in association with Backward Classes Welfare Department and Tribal Welfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal. These artisans are gifted with the talent and traditional skills to craft exquisite designs in styles that are unique to their culture and heritage. MORAM is a promotional set-up for:

Eco-Friendly Stays

It is situated in the midst of the Tribal village to make you breathe in fresh air. It gives the opportunity to escape to a home away from home and feel one with nature.

Traditional Cuisine

Traditional mouthwatering Bengali cuisine is served with the flavour of love and care which is bound to make you feel special. The vegetables used are all handpicked from our own organic farm.

Art and Craft Outlet

Moram gives you an exclusive opportunity to collect fashionable items of handicrafts and handloom while you enjoy your stay at Moram.

Tribal Performances

Get your senses replenished with the rhythm of tribal music and performances while you rejuvenate your soul with the tune.


Walk through the trails of villages and take a fresh breathe to get the aroma of soil and greeneries. Look beyond the horizon of green fields and feel the peace within you.

Serve and Love the nature

We, at Moram inspire activities where one can serve Mother Nature and her family. The initiative includes organic plantation of trees, feeding animals, distributing gifts and essentials to the poor and more karmas to satisfy the soul.

Creative Workshops

At Moram you can experience live creative workshops by tribal artisans who get trained here to make and sell their products to world market. We also give the opportunity to participate in our workshop using organic colours, getting your hand print in organic colour and can also make their own apparel by indulging themselves in the process of Batik, Tie-Dye and Kantha.