Fresh from farm: Transparency is the key to the lock of trust. We believe in transparency in every aspect of our eco-project. We welcome guests with our warm cordial gesture to make them feel like home. As said by Nissim Ezekiel "Home is where we have to gather grace"

We welcome guests with the most traditional welcome method, comprising of conch shell, rice grains, fragrance, flowers (fresh from garden), sweets, diyas etc. We believe in sustainable development, eventually promoting the art from interiors of real Bengal, uplifting the traditional handicraft and art.

Moram being situated in the bucolic settings of Shantiniketan is engulfed in the freshness and purity prevailing all around the village. Moram has been working through this for years. Our farm products are fresh and pure enough to win the hearts of our guests.

Our cooks have always been praised for their excellent delicious recipes.

But the credit doesn't goes to them alone. Besides them we are thankful to our "Maali" (Gardener) and Farmer who have been working hard for years to make this possible. Fresh from farm products are available because of his endless efforts.

Our eco-project gives you the flavour of complete Rural Bengal with all its traditional and Bengali cuisines embedded in it.

Machaan, our exotic open-restaurant on an island is calm and quite for all the day. Breakfast on the water; make friends with the colourful birds that come a-calling for hand-outs. In the evening the spangled mist lifts from the distant green forest and so do your spirits. You also can have your breakfast inside our Garden Area or can taste the full course meal at our Straw Hut. Choice is yours.